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Saturday, November 12, 2005


JeanMarie Arend

I was filing for disability in La. at time of hurricanes Rita and Katrina. I relocated to MN. I still haven't got any housing or financial assistance. On Nov. 2 2005 it was inperative that I have a anterior cervical dysectamy and fushion with them putting in a steel rod. The vertabra affected are c-4,c=5,c=6. I suffer from partial paralysis in my arms and hands, as well as suffer from extreme headaches. Yet I am still homeless and penniless. The medical assistance I get from the state of MN. does not cover my teeth which due to the injury are broken off and abcessed. And the state of MN. allowed me 203.00$ per month which they are now taking away as of Dec. 2005, although just the healing on the surgery will be 1 and 1/2 years. I can not work and I can not get help from anywere. And yes I am filed with FEMA. They are sending me mail with my astranged husbands number on it although I have my own FEMA number I must use to refer to my case.I call them weekly and have been told 3x now to fax certian papers in which I do and yet they never get to my file.HELP ME PLEASE DISABLED IN MN> P.S. yes I refiled here in MN for my disability.

diane martin

i was a renter and i don't understand why do the citzens of louisiana have not gotten the assitance they disserve so people would have rather gone to TEXAS, the assisant is better that right here in our own state can you please put my name on the class actiton suit for louisaina i lived at 3400 claiborne ave metairie la 70001. thrown out of house because land lord price gouging.


This is ridiculus. Everybody's complaining and everybody knows that the Federal Government is wrongfully denying claims, yet know one is really doing anything about it. This is just a sounding board. I am furiated that the government is GETTING AWAY WITH THIS. Our claims are being wrongfully denied, assistance is not being given and nobody can do anything about it except type in yet another complaint that goes no where.

Deirdra Wagner

I am a victim of hurricane Katrina and have not recieved any assistance yet. I have wrote letter and also called many times, to get different respones. Might I add I have two children and it is hard for me. I was in school in New orleans and I am trying to get back in school. I need transcripts and the UOP said that because of the days that I missed during the storm, they withdrew me. I have to pay them $1221.25 before I can get it. FEMA has been a waste of my time, I am a hard working young woman and can't get any assistance. Also, my landlord will not give me my deposit back at the house I was living in before the storm and he didn't even call me when he fixed the house up. He now have someone else living there and I forgot to say that he throw out my sofa as well. Please I need help, if putting me on that list is going to help me then add me. THANKS !!!!

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