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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Jonathan David

Mr. Rahim speaks a kind of truth that is tragically left out of mainstream media discourse about the storm--even the most liberal discourse. His invocation of the spirit at the same time that he examines issues of race and class and money and power in the wake of the storm--which, for some reason, I hate to personify as "Katrina" just as I hate the buzzword "9/11" because they seem to so easily become marketing or political slogans--his multivalent invocations are particularly revelatory.

You know, saying that his comments buck even the most liberal views of the storm makes me think of your earlier post where you articulate a disillusionment with the two reigning political parties.

When the entire system is so complexly and deeply flawed, what does one do or continue to do?

I also found his discussion of the way petty crimes blight black people in the wake of the storm pretty insightful too.

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