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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Lloyd Trawick

Keep voting Democrat and you'll keep getting slums and promises. Democratic Mayor and Democratic Governor and Democratic Senator and nobody knows what to do in a hurricane. Democrats don't care about blacks is the truth of the matter but keep the faith, Baby.
LLoyd Trawick
221 Lakeway Drive
Fort Worth, Tx 76126
born in Madison Parish, La.

Corey M.

This is the biggest copp out i have ever heard. I you don't like something that is happening in the government than go run for public office and stop complaining about it. Bush doesn't hate black people anymore than he hates his home state of Texas. Grow up and stop voting democrat if you want any production to come. All of you must realize that Bush has accomplished exponentially greater feats than any other president in modern history. What did Bill Clinton do for us? Not a damn thing. At least with Bush we no longer must worry about a threat from Saddam Huessain. I think anybody who disagrees with this obvious fact should be burned at the stake for treason. Every politcally inactive idiot who sits around and complains about this and that and how so and so discriminates based on race, sex, sexuality or any other petty issue. Stop trying to pitty yourselves and make a change. And for all of you black people who think you are treated differently than white people that's because you are. If you want to be treated like a white person start acting like a white person and start respecting yourselves.


Lloyd I'm happy you wrote what you did because it really makes it easy to see how it is possible for humans to commit such atrocities as hanging black people from trees because they were "disrespectful", or how millions of Jews were killed because they were not the same race as you obviously are. The fact of the matter is that you are right people do need to grow up, but you as well as everybody needs to realize that they don’t give a shit about you(white trash), black people, Hispanics or anybody who does not share their monetary wealth. Grow up and understand that this country doesn’t give a shit about its military personnel because if it did, they would have thought twice about Iraq and planned it like any military person would tell you not to go into a situation unprepared because you will not comeback. Yes we should all grow up but in your effort to enlighten everybody on responsibilities of civic duty you forget about your number one duty to keep our democracy alive is to question your government and stop being such a nice little cheerleader for a government that send kids to their death and kills civilians because they are not "respecting themselves by acting more American"

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