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Sunday, September 11, 2005


T. Breaux

I'm a resident of New Orleans, and I'm well acquainted with the Iberville Public Housing Development. You failed to mention that said development is a veritable hub of murder and drug related crimes that plagues the city year after year. While there are indeed working class people that reside in the development, it is also home to a significant contingent that has inflicted numerous, visible acts of random violence to visiting tourists, many of which result in homicide. The ensuing negative publicity threatens the very livelyhood of the city.

In a city that depends heavily on tourism for its income, protecting its most valuable resource is a top priority. Tourism is the last resort for this city, which has seen most of its better educated citizens depart for greener and *safer* pastures for their families. Violence is the greatest threat to this city's lifeline, and when tourism suffers due to violence, that reduces opportunities for EVERYONE. . . including the *many thousands* of inhabitants that do not live in the Iberville development.

While displacing some poorer working class citizens seems like an inconvenience to some, to others it represents a way out, and hopefully the potential for new opportunities. These citizens should not be coerced to remain in a dead-end situation, where they and their children are forced to live in a blighted commune controlled by drug dealers and convicted felons. Organized slums were an idea that didn't work. There are newer, better ideas, such as those demonstrated in Atlanta and elsewhere.

So while demolition of the slice of decaying hell we call Iberville seems negative to a few outsiders who use it to further their agenda, in reality, it stands to benefit many, many more city residents like myself and tourists alike.

Jeff Wells

[original comment deleted for profanity and abusive language]

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