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Tuesday, August 16, 2005



I don't think this is anti-semitism. Alas, I think the sentence is just a statement--even if it is a bit of a stretch. While the U.S. army does not personally protect Israel, Israel is the baby of Britain and the ward of the United States--and if I am not mistaken there was a tank called the condoleeza that was situated in Palestine at one point in time. I am very much a judeophile--but I am not a zionist. The state of Israel and its actions in Palestine too closely resemble white people not too very long ago. I have my own opinions about this topic--and about the legacy of zionism.

studyholic again

I both believe and said that Cindy should be criticized.

But demonized and called an anti-Semite...that is what I have a problem with. I took pains to explain why Israel should be as open to criticism as any other country to underscore my point.

Ben, you simply do not know what Cindy thinks about Palenstinian mistakes. ...Or, many other topics for that matter.

You also devalue the spirit and care of my detailed response by not dealing with the subtlety of my remarks or, most importantly, my call not to demonize one person for the kind of off-the-cuff wrong insights that many of us make when we are speaking like a human being and not a scripted politician.

How many times have I heard anti-Asian comments that people do not realize are hurtful and wrong. But, that does not make those people any more anti-Asian than the world.

Please don't say that you have not made culturally insensitive mistakes-of-mind or off-the-cuff problematic statements either.

I'm sure you wouldn't want to be demonized or branded a racist for such mistakes.

So many of your posts show a great sensitivity to the fact that civil rights and discrimination are not BOTTOM-LINE or black-white issues. You expose many subtle meanings that some would say challenge status quo liberal thinking about civil rights and the South.

However, you really err in being so quick to join dk in promoting the demonization of Cindy as an anti-Semite.

So too do you overlook the fact that the United States DOES treat certain countries different than others. This, I think, was part (though not all) of the force of Cindy's point.

The Bush administration favors Saudia Arabia too!

I wonder what Cindy would say to liberal criticism of her remarks about Israel. I think she'd probably listen given her other views. She's also admitted mistakes in her thinking and the shift in her views in the past too.

People can change and people make mistakes, especially on TV!

Unfortunately, you latest post ignores these very human shades of meaning.


I can't help but to ask if DK is Donna Karan.

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