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Thursday, July 21, 2005



That's very cool; thank you for the book recommendation. One of the huge problems in encouraging whites to become anti-racist is their perception that there are no role models; this is helpful.

Ben G.

What you say about whites not feeling they have role models for anti-racism is an interesting insight, which I wouldn't mind hearing you expand on.

My first thought is, what about all those white people who participated in the Civil Rights Movement?

I think you and I both have examples in our own families. I would say, for myself, that having my father's example has been deeply important, but having relationships with Black people and discussing race issues with them is also important. Probably having the model led me to work at the second part.

Walker Willingham

Thanks for bringing this out in the open. (I too, knew of his pacifist bent, but nothing of the anti-racist angle) Also thanks for the link to the Helen Keller piece. I recently used one of her great quotes which appeared there in my own blog post. (I found your blog because we both recently posted on the Cindy Sheehan story.)

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