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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Susan Klopfer

The point Ben Chaney makes regarding the relationship of the Klan to the Sovereignty Commission is particularly interesting in light of the "investigation" of "subversives working for integration" called for by the Commission (report SCR ID # 2-112-1-36-1-1-1)in February of 1964.

From Feb. 11-25, Director Erle Johnston sent Virgil Downing into Neshoba, Holmes, Sharkey, Yazoo, Washington and several other counties with instructions to contact all newly elected sheriffs with the purpose of offering "full cooperation and assisting them in any way possible." Both CORE and the NAACP are singled out in this report as causing potential racial trouble.

While Sheriff Rainey was "out of town" the investigator met with Rainey's wife who promised "should any trouble develop" her husband would notify the Commission right away. The short, two-page report is posted on my blog.

David Martin

Temple Beth Israel, here in Biloxi, would like to invite Rita Schwerner to the Gulf. Hopefully there will be a week-end when the Neshoba County trial is in recess.

Please ask her to contact [email protected] for details.

Thank you,

David Berman Martin

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