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Wednesday, April 27, 2005



Incompetence. Has it been mentioned yet? Are we supposed to believe that temper tantrums are uncommon at the age of five? Are we really supposed believe that a principle is not supposed to be eguipped to handle such outbursts? If this woman really feels the necessity to call the police in order to handle a temper tantrum, i think she needs to be fired. She can't handle this part of her job.

Do we really believe that telling a child to sit down is called re-directing when the child is having a tantrum? This child paid dearly for the incompetence of this woman.

Denise Keppel

I can see why the assistant principle wanted the kid charged- it would bring in Child protective services to investigate what was going on in the homelife of the girl. Secondly, the child repeatedly hit the woman.

Next, why didn't the woman have the child evaulated? Two reason spring to mind. The referal was made but the parent rejected it. Secondly, a program was being devolped and intervention was occuring as shown on the tape. When the girl refused to calm down, she was removed from the school in the only way she could be without a court order or parental permission.

Ben G.


To your first point: aren't there other ways for schools to get child protective services involved in a child's situation? Charging a child with a felony is no small matter—for one thing it stays on the child's record—and should not be considered a means to some other end.

I'm not sure what the point is of your two guesses about why the child was not evaluated. I ask the questions because facts are wanting about the girl's situation in the school and at home. Without factual information, people are very quick to make judgments about the nature of Ja'eisha's problems and of her mother's parenting. I wonder why you or anyone else thinks they know.

The "intervention" on the tape has not been described by the school as part of a program of intervention that was already in place. It was how the teachers and assistant principal responded to what was happening with Ja'eisha on that day. The way it looks to me is that Ja'eisha's teacher is hovering and effectively egging on the little girl.

It's sad that Ja'eisha's privacy has been violated with the broadcasting of this videotape worldwide (thanks to her mother's first lawyer...). Now that it's out there, it's unfortunate that the available excerpts allow for nothing more than speculation.

If you read more of the news reports about this, you will learn that Ja'eisha's mother was on her way to the school when they called the police. When they called the mother at about 2:00 pm, she said she couldn't get there until 3:15. They called the cops after 3:00 pm. Ja'eisha's mother arrived on the scene not long after her daughter had been placed in the back of the police car with her hands bound and her ankles handcuffed.

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