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Friday, April 29, 2005



Of course, all of the people who are blaming the schools, police, and racism right now are conspicuously silent over stuff like this. Gee, I wonder why? Where was Al Sharpton and Willie Gary in this incident? I remember when this happened, "certain people" claiming to represent the black community tried to advance the notion that the white teacher had mistreated the black boy who shot him in the face; maybe even a RACIAL SLUR! When that avenue turned out to be bogus, then these people blamed the lack of gun control. Typical.

Not one of you folks have said a thing about the teacher and assistant principal that this five year old girl assaulted; how she was a danger to others and even herself; how if this girl had injured another student after revealing herself to be a problem AND her mother demanding the school not touch her child, the school system would have been sued by the parents of the child that she injured for failing to protect them from a known security risk. None of you folks who are blaming "the lack of training" and "if you can't deal with a 5 year old having a tantrum you shouldn't be a teacher" have explained exactly how YOU would have dealt with that situation, or what would happen if people took your advice and started leaving the education profession in droves because they are sick of getting assaulted by students. And yes, this was a 5 year old 40 pound girl. What if it was a 8 year old 80 pound one? An 8 year old 80 pound girl or boy with a gun, knife, or even a sharpened pencil? There was an incident in Ohio where a pregnant kindergarten teacher tried to prevent a 5 year old from repeatedly stabbing his classmate with a sharpened pencil, and the kid KICKED THE PREGNANT TEACHER IN THE STOMACH! Was the teacher OK? Was the fetus/unborn child? You don't care about them. To tell you the truth, you really don't care about Nate Brazill or even Jaiesha Scott. All you care about is railing about how America treats its blacks. All of that is true, but it doesn't excuse the behavior of Scott or her parents, and fleecing Saint Petersburg schools and police isn't going to get that little girl to change her behavior. The hilarious thing is that this case gives you the opportunity to claim that this girl is acting out because she is being oppressed in a majority white school system. But when a kid acts up in Detroit, Washington D.C., Atlanta, or Harlem, what do you blame? SEGREGATION! UNDERFUNDED SCHOOLS! UNDERPAID, OVERWORKED TEACHERS! Why? Because then you are duty bound to defend the black teachers, administrators, and politicians and "blame the system." But when it is white teachers and administrators, they are just a bunch of racists and the child was obviously just acting out against racism. Please.


Well said MoStan !

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