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Saturday, April 30, 2005



After viewing the videos, I see a young girl who has totally disrupted the learning process for other students, one who is doing whatever she is wanting to do, using violent means in hitting and damaging things.
I saw the women not only numerous times ask her to stop, they did not raise there voices or yell and they use No Inapropriate Languages. Yet I see they are the ones being bashed for trying to get this situation under control.

Now the Police Handcuffing the Girl, GOOD! Maybe she will learn as many troubled youths have done when they spent those days in listening to Convicts in Prisons. The ones that tell them There Are Consequences for There Actions! Before she is a teen fighting someone and maybe even killing someone or being killed she will have learned a lesson!

The way people think this little girl is a Victim is absurd! Should our schools be a place of learning or violence? Should our schools be run by the Teachers or the Student/s???
So if you think this girls actions were ok and should go unpunished, then this gives new meaning to the Patients running the Asylum!!

there was No Racism here, if one could argue there was, You should look to see that this little girl started to hit a White Lady, maybe she has no respect for White People and Hates them, but that argument is as lame as saying the teachers White. It is not a case of Racism which I deplore, it is a case of a child that needs Discipline!!

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