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Thursday, February 24, 2005



I don't know what to say about these last two posts: "beautiful," I guess, though that sounds rather trite.

I like to imagine that sound, for those able to hear, survives forgetting. Music is one way to organize sound, and it encodes emotion in a near-primal way (i.e., more base than language). Still further, high and enduring emotionality is what distinguishes surface relationships (the clerk in the convenience store, the professor you have for one semester) from deeper relationships such as family ones.

I feel as if, through your explorations into this music, you are remembering things that are deeper than images or language could convey...

Thank you for continuing to share your process.

Ben G.

Thanks for your response, Yvette. It's nice to have the sense that what I'm doing is accessible. I love your formulation "that sound, for those able to hear, survives forgetting."

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