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Friday, February 25, 2005



I just remembered that I need to get over here more frequently! Your Hungry Blues series reminds me of everything I now wish, but never learned about my father growing up in the South. And, your detail reminds me of the +1,000 page bio I once read about music pioneer Bill Graham.

And, don't know if I told you that I'm a Blues guitar player/singer! So, we must get together and jam, one of these days...

As far as this move by Giuliani, he's obviously trying to position himself for the Republican Presidential campaign in 2008. It's a recognition that the Christian Right's backing is Bill Frist's to lose at this time, and being 'America's Mayor' is not enough to negate being pro-choice.

What I think Giuliani recognizes is, who the group proven to be just as effective at turning out the Republican faithful (other than the Christian Right), especially during low turnout Primary elections - members of white hate groups who are slowly infiltrating Republican organizations in the South.

Ben G.

Hey TCF. You're right on about what the point was of that appearance. In fact he's been right in with that tactical wing of the Republicans for quite some time. Did you know that his 1998 campaign for mayor against Dinkins included full fledged voter intimidation (you can find the link to the report over there, too). I posted an account of it from a report on the history of the so-called ballot security programs, which the Repugs realized they had to start using once they gave up the Black vote in favor of the dixiecrat vote.

I did see that you're a blues musician. I'd love to jam, only I don't play anything, so it would have to be a figurative jam session.

Where was your father from in the South? What's the short version of the story?

Oh when you say Bill Graham, do you mean the famous rock promoter, associated with the Grateful Dead or is there someone else whom I should be learning about?


Heavens, not BILLY Graham, right?

This is a nice blog. I was linked here from Ms. Liberty's site.


Sorry it took so long to respond!

Yes, it meant Billy Graham the rock promoter. I loved reading his biography.

My father was born in 1914, in Rydel, Arkansas. He moved north with his three siblings in the Great Industrial Migration of Blacks looking for the plentiful manufacturing jobs, in the late 50's'. He got me interested in politics, so my blog name is an homage to how he'd describe Black folks.

I did see a poll showing Giuliani leading the GOP pack of contenders, but he's got no chance with the party intimidated by the Christian Right. They want a candidate they know will do their bidding (Frist, Santorum), and the only way McCain has a chance, is by an open revolt within the party.

Ben G.

So, TCF, the missing details are in the content of the political activities? I half assumed you were referring to involvement your father may have had in music. If he was a black man active in political organizations on the left, you may be able to unearth some documentation through Freedom of Information Act requests to the FBI. Anyway, since I think we're reasonably close in age (I'm 36), sounds like we share the scenario of having fathers who had a lot of water under the bridge before we were ever born.

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