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Friday, December 03, 2004



I have advocated boycotts since 1998 calling for people to boycott Republican donors or companies who stand by and let the Republican Party adversely affect a large amount of people in this country. I advocate voting and writing letters to make your views known and to put people in offices from local to federal, but those two activities only make up part of what you can do. Very often when you buy a product or service some of your money gets funneled to the Republican Party and their candidates, not only before elections but to lobbyists who affect legislation. The money that came from you gets used to affect legislation in many cases against your interests.

When you group together with many thousands of people to boycott a company and set conditions for the purchase of their products you can make a stronger statement than just if you write letters. Frederick Douglass said that those in power will not concede power unless you make a strong demand of those in power. When you boycott with thousands of other people you make a strong demand and legally threaten the financial wellbeing of a company that must either lobby for us for our progressive agenda or suffer financially to a large degree. If you want to legally influence legislation 365 days a year with a strong effort please read my action plans below to increase the minimum wage, repeal and replace the meager Republican prescription drug law with an 80 percent coverage of medication within Medicare Part B, and extension of unemployment benefits for those people who still seek work but whose benefits expired after 6 months which Republicans refuse to extend.

Do you want to extend unemployment benefits for those who still seek work after 6 months and increase the minimum wage to 10 dollars an hour? Do you want to stop social security privatization and remove the taxable income cap that funds social security that will keep social security solvent?

Yes http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/922477050

No http://www.google.com

Do you want to repeal the Republican 20 percent discount prescription drug benefit and replace it with an 80 percent coverage Democratic prescription drug benefit under Medicare Part B with no extra premiums, deductibles, means test or coverage gap?

Yes http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/383366962

No http://www.google.com


In order to force the secretaries of state to call for new presidential elections in Ohio and Florida, pick a well known company in each state of Ohio and Florida and boycott these companies. call these companmies and demand that they get their secretary of state to call for a new election or go bankrupt because we will not do business with them.

send suggestions of a big well known company in Ohio and Florida to boycott to

[email protected]

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