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Monday, August 02, 2004


Bruce Hartford

For more than 200 years voting rights has been bedrock issue of the war between democracy and oligarchy. Not just in this country, but world-wide. In fact, the origin of the "left-right" continuum goes back to the French revolution where delegates were seated in order from left to right according to how broad they believed the franchise should be. For an overview of the struggle in America, you might want to take a look at "Voting Rights — Two Centuries of Struggle" on the Civil Rights Movement website (http://www.crmvet.org) (click on "The Movement")

One huge voting issue that no one ever looks at is Tuesdays. Why are elections held on Tuesdays when working people have to either take off work or try to squeeze voting in between the day's labor and feeding their kids? Most civilized nations vote on the weekend. Could it be that the rich and powerful prefer to discourage voting by those that they employ?


Never heard of James Foreman before hearing of his demise on tv. And i grew up in Chicago after he was born. The station played a clip of him reading one of his own speeches about corporations and government in the US I believe.
Leave it to my feeble memory, I can't recall the name of the speech and here I am looking for it. I couldn't agree more with his rhetoric and it made no difference what color Mr. Foreman was, his insight was crystal clear in this matter.
I am looking for help in finding this speech of his.
It was a real Link tv piece, but I could have seen it on another channel for that matter. I didn't know James Foreman, but would like to know more about him.

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